Skin Problems and Argan Solutions


For centuries, Moroccan women kept the secret of skin care that not only clean your skin but also heal and rejuvenate it.

Today, this amazing product is world famous and widely popular among women on all continents.

You might have tried it or not, but for sure, at least you have heard about it.

Yes, it is Argan Oil – liquid gold from Morocco!

It is 100% natural oil that is extremly rich in essential fatty acids, mainly linoleic acid which protects the skin from harmful free radicals. Due to very high concentration of Vitamin E in Argan Oil and its other nutrients, daily usage sagnifically improves skin condition.

You can introduce Argan Oil in you daily skincare or just use it occasionally, on problematic areas. The good part is that it is suitable for all types of skin, even for sensitive skin.

Save money and keep your beauty regime simple! All you need is a bottle of 100% pure Argan Oil.


Why is Argan Oil good for your skin?

Reduce wrinkles, fine lines and crow’s feet

Hydrates and feed skin


Improve elasticity

Effective moisturizer

Retain a youthful glow

Helps even out skin tone

Great for hands

Soothe eczema and psoriasis

Treat dry skin

Clear up acne

Reduce stretch marks

Prevent collagen damage

Prevent cell degeneration

Reduce facial blemishes

Reduce muscle pain

Reduce the appearance of scars

Treat dark circles under eyes

Protect skin from environmental damage

Balance skin PH levels


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 How To Use Argan Oil for Skin Disorders

A good-looking charming skin can boost confidence and provide great looks. Many natural products promise to deliver the results, but not many actually do, without harming your skin. Only appropriate skin care products, like pure Argan Oil, is safe enough to use on your delicate, problematic skin. Cold pressed Argan Oil are exposed to minimal processing and so their rich nutritional profile is not lost. Use Argan Oil on a daily basis and see how your skin transform!


How to get rid of wrinkles with Argan Oil

Is the fact that, our skin could stay looking younger much longer. Our lifestyle, diet, habits, environmental factors or even mental state are reflected in our skin condition and contribute to premature aging. To keep our face wrinkles free the extra care should be taken on moisture retention adn tighten the skin.

Naturally, with age, skin loses its elasticity, causing wrinkles to appear. Due to Argan Oil beneficial composition, regular application of argan oil on the wrinkles dehydrates the skin of the affected area, restores the skin elasticity and tightens the skin. With a small amount of oil used regularly on the face, you will soon say goodbye to yours unloved lines and wrinkles.

Instructions for use:

Apply Argan Oil always after cleansing. Put on two drops of argan oil onto your face, in the region of the eyes and neck. This will hydrate and soften the skin, lessen the look of wrinkles, fine lines and crow’s feet. If you have extra oily skin it is advisable to apply Argan Oil only before bedtime.


How to get rid of acne with Argan Oil

Today, millions of people are affected with acne. Acne can be quite embarrassing, bringing unwelcome change that is seen in the form of pimples, blackheads and whiteheads. The natural remedy, 100% argan oil, have proved to be beneficial for acne sufferers. If argan oil is used everyday, within a 2-3 weeks, you can get rid of acne, and get back the natural glow of the skin. Acne removal seems easy and affordable with argan oil.

Causes of acne
Acne is caused by the excess production of sebum, oily substance,  by the sebaceous glands, mainly located in the face and the back. Role of sebum in skin is keeping the superficial skin moisturized. Excessive production of sebum results in blockage of skin pores. Clogged pores is where skin bacteria are breeding, casing pimples and blackheads.

How can Argan help acne?
Argan Oil regulates sebum production in skin (and hair) stoping its overproduction. Pores stays clean and possibilities of acne occurrences significantly decrease. Daily usage of argan oil promotes healthy levels of sebum production and helps skin get rid of acne.

Instructions to use:
Wash your face with a mild soap. Apply 2 drops of argan oil onto your face and massage it gently. For best results, you need to apply argan oil twice daily. Argan oil is easily absorbed and penetrates your skin deeply. Repeat this routine for about 2-3 weeks to heal acne completely. If you have bad acne, you may have to use it for longer.


Argan Oil acne routine is even more effective when you improve your dietary habits also. Keep your skin hydrated so it doesn’t produce extra sebum. Try no dairy diet as it is one of the main eating sins for acne prone skin. Check here for more updates soon.

Stress trigers pimples and acne as well, hence try and practice some sort of meditation. Most adults who suffer from acne treat only their skin without understanding that the problem is related to their overall lifestyle.


How to get rid of scars with Argan Oil

Scars are discoloration marks left behind after acne, burn or skin injury.

According to survey, regular use of Argan Oil, can reduce the appearance of scars. High concentration of Vitamin E and essential Omega 3 acids are helping skin to heal and grow new cells. With time scars are visibly lighten.

How to get rid of stretch marks with Argan Oil

You can get rid of stretch marks naturally.

Is simple, healthy and effective. Argan Oil’s natural composition fights with stretch marks, reducing its discoloration and softening the skin.

Pregnancy stretch marks are the most common scars, but also weight loss (or gain) can results in their forming. Appearance of stretch marks is due to the skin elasticity, that is to say, to the limit that skin can stretch before it cracks.

Hence, having an elastic and well moist skin is the most important factor.

Cause of stretch marks?
Stretch marks are irregular cracks in the skin. They are result of the rapid skin stretching caused by rapid growth, rapid weight changes or are influenced by hormonal changes. Stretch marks causes are very common. According to Wikipedia  “the glucocorticoid hormones responsible for the development of stretch marks affect the dermis by preventing the fibroblasts from forming collagen and elastin fibers, necessary to keep rapidly growing skin taut. This creates a lack of supportive material, as the skin is stretched and leads to dermal and epidermal tearing”.

Instructions to use:

Apply small amount of Argan Oil onto your stomach or any other body part affected by stretch marks and gently massage. It doesn’t need an intensive massage because your skin will absorb it very easy. Massage should last  10-20 minutes each time, twice a day. Find more information in PREGNANCY STRETCH MARKS FIGHT.


Remember: stretch marks are easier to prevent than to eliminate. And new stretch marks (red ones) are easier to reduce than old ones (white ones), so don’t waste time and start fight your stretch marks today.

Regular exercise (swimming, dance, sit-ups) prevent pregnancy stretch marks, becuase it keeps skin working. Additionaly, as your muscle strengthen, labour is smoother.


How to get rid of eczema with Argan Oil

Eczema is a skin disease, form of dermatitis, characterized by the inflammation of the upper layers of the skin. Other symptoms include dryness of the skin, recurring rashes, and redness, flaking and blistering. At times, fluid may ooze out of the affected part. Sometimes, the affected part may also bleed.

To avoid possible side effects on inflammated skin, treat eczema naturally with organic products.

Organic products, in opposition to synthetic cosmetics, are composed of pure ingredients that soothe and cure skin disorders and don’t harm the skin with harsh components.

Argan oil also has anti-inflammatory components making it a perfect ingredient for products intended to reduce swelling. The oil provides the substances your skin needs to stay healthy.

1) cleaning your skin with mild soap.
2) Towel dry your skin
3) Apply small amount of Argan Oil, gently massaging into the skin with circular motions

When applied to the skin on a regular basis Argan Oil is and ultimate help for people suffering from eczema.

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How to get rid of psoriasis with Argan Oil

Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease.  It’s characterized by red patches covered with scales. Psoriasis inflammatory symptoms can be alleviate by Argan Oil natural components.

By retaining moisture in the skin Argan Oil, effectively treats the dry patches. With regular use is possible to reduce patches and redness, as well as soothe pain.

It is crucial to keep skin moist at all times, as dry skin can intensify psoriasis outbreak. Fatty acids and carotenoids present in Argan Oil, leave the skin’s moisture levels balanced. Hence, daily use of Argan Oil is important in preventing occuring psoriasis outbreak. Untreated psoriasis can cause infection.

Naturally found in Argan Oil, Vitamin E, is a potent antioxidant tool helping in decreasing inflammation and redness caused by this skin disorder. You will notice difference, as it relieve pain and itching from the first application. You can expect less noticeable patches with each repeat treatment.

Cause of psoriasis
Psoriasis is accelerated skin cell turnover. Dead skin cells are accumulating on the epidermis, creating layers, instead of shading. As new skin cells have no place to go, overtime they start to itch and hurt.

This skin condition is attributed to a problem with the immune system, and it is often hereditary. Psoriasis is characterized by flare-ups, that occurs from time to time, on any part of the body all at the same time.

Instructions to use:
Skin: Clean the area with mild soap. Towel dry the area with delicate pats, don’t rub. Apply 1-2 drops of Argan Oil on the affected area. Massage it with circular motions until completely absorbed. For best results repeat tretament twice a day.

Scalp: If psoriasis occur on the scalp (which is often misconceived as major dandruff) treat it with 2-3 drops of argan oil applied onto the scalp, or until you have enough to cover the area and gently massage into small circles. Wrap a towel around your head and leave product overnight. Next morning rinse out and wash your hair with a mild shampoo.

Repeat the process daily, or as often as needed.


You can use it as a last minute help for patches, when in rush. Apply small amount of Argan Oil onto spots on the scalp and leave it in until evening. Our pure Argan Oil doesn’t make the hair greasy like other products, it is light weight and easily absorbed.