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Living in Morocco taught me how to take care of the delicate skin and protect it from the sun and environmental exposure. Watching indigenous Berber women of Morocco using Argan Oil in their beauty rituals made me believe that the best source of beauty lays in the simplicity of nature.
I came across the most incredible cosmetics that makes wonder to your skin while containing not more than one ingredient and based only on the best ingredients nature has to offer.

This website is conclusion of my search for quality, organic skincare products – simple in using and powerful in effectiveness.
Store provides a variety of Argan Oil and Ghassoul Clay products at reasonable prices. All products have been manufactured and packed, and come directly from Morocco; there is no middle man involved.

To make sure that I buy only the high quality product, I buy Argan Oil directly from the manufacturer in Morocco Co-operative Targanine. That enables me to offer you product at affordable prices with the guarantee of the best possible quality. You do not pay for excessive marketing or brand name.

Argan Oil has been part of the Moroccan culture for centuries and it’s important that it remains Moroccan to help support the local economy. We will only sell 100% Pure Moroccan Argan Oil as we want to help the Moroccan people and their economy grow.

On this website you can find pure moroccan argan oil, argan soaps and argan creams, as well as traditional arabic kohl eyeliner or hammam peeling. Make your self feeling special with a touch of beautifying products from Morocco.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me.

Anna, The Founder of EssentialsYou