What Makes Argan Oil So Effective?


Used traditionally in Morocco, plant oil from argan tree, is famous for its unique and very rich composition. Numerous beauty components  help to care for skin, hair and nails, while various health properties that Argan Oil presents provide natural treatment of various skin disorders.

Argan Oil is suitable for all skin types. It absorbs perfectly without leaving a greasy film.

Let’s have a look on the main components of Argan Oil that makes all these wonders.



Remarkably high level of Vitamin E helped Argan Oil to gain an international fame as natural anti-aging skin care product. Argan Oil is one of the most potent natural sources of Vitamin E, contains 200% more of it than in olive oil.
Vitamin E is well know as the elixir of youth – a powerful antioxidant that slows down aging. This vitamin is important in protecting your body from harsh environmental conditions, such as sun exposure and pollution that can damage your hair, skin and nails.


Argan oil is rich in natural antioxidants. Antioxidants wole is to prevent skin damage caused by free radical damage, helping in skin damage repair and rejuvenation. Antioxidants content promotes collagen production in the skin, that makes skin looking younger. Skin achives the healthy “glow”.
There is Ferulic Acid compound found in Argan Oil, highly valued antioxidants, that helps prevent damage caused by sun exposure. This acid actually becomes even more potent when exposed to sunlight.

Among many qualities of ferulic acid are: lower the cholesterol level, reducing the risk of heart disease, protect against menopausal symptoms, protect against many types of cancer (i.e. skin cancer).



In Argan Oil high levels of essential fatty acids, primarily oleic acid (Omega 9) and linoleic acid (Omega 6) can be found. Fatty acids cannot be synthesized by the human body itself, so they must be obtained through diet or skin treatments. They are both easily absorbed by the skin.
Fatty acids, by improving moisture retention, keep the skin elastic and firm.

Fatty Acids play a vital role in the formation of prostaglandin in our body, a natural anti-inflammatory that reduces pain, swelling and inflammation, while stimulating blood circulation. Massage with Argan Oil is perfect for stiff arthritic joints and aching muscles.


Plant sterols found in Argan Oil – schottenol and spinasterol – are rare and aren’t identified in other oils. Those sterols are known for their anticancer properties. Sterols leave the skin feeling soft while reducing inflammation. Sterols have been shown to help prevent wrinkles and increase skin elasticity delaying the aging process.
As chemical structure of plant sterols and human sterols is similar, sterols applied on skin harmonized with human skin.  Skin is penetrated easily by sterols from Argan Oil and moisture retention is promoted.


Argan Oil consist of high molecular weight proteins. Applying argan oil to the skin strengthens the protein bonding structures in the skin and tighten the skin instantly giving it the fresh and younger look.


Polyphenols neutralize free radicals and promote skin repair. They are known for their antiseptic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergenic properties which explains why they are often found in anti-acne creams. Communication between skin’s cells is enhaced. Polyphenols have ability to repair DNA damages caused by smoking.


Protection against dermatitis and skin cancer is attributet to squalene – unique and rare component. Squalene presents various antibacterial properties, helping people suffering with eczema and psoriasis. Deeply moisturizing squalen is protecting skin from dehydration. It is also quickly absorbed without making your skin feel greasy.
Squalen work in harmony with human skin. Interesting fact is that our own skin moisturizer – sebum- is consist of 25% squalene. Is recommended for mature and rosacea skin.


Carotenoids are plant pigments. This pigment is protecting eyes and skin from UV radiation and damages caused by free radical. Skin treated with carotenoids is healthy, immune system is enhanced and cancer cells are inhibit the growth.

Carotenoids have been shown to lower the risk of arthritis and to protect the arteries and heart. Antioxidant properties of carotenoids help inhibit the oxidation of  the “bad cholesterol”, which can lead to build up of plaque in the arteries.