Female Cooperatives

All of the Argan Oil sold today is produced by Moroccan women’s cooperatives that share profits with Berber tribes. Using Argan Oil is not only beautifying your skin but is also a way to support sustainable fair trade.

In 2003, with the help of Moroccan government, female cooperatives were establish to manufacture Argan Oil. These programs provide women of rural Morocco with a steady income, a fair-trade wage, good working conditions, as well as literacy and other education classes. Perhaps most importantly, the co-ops give women a keen sense of empowerment in this traditionally male-dominated society.

The cooperative has changed the lives of the women and their families immeasurably.  Traditionally, Berber women, had no views on education or work outside home. Oil production money enabled founding an education programme which all women working at Targanine are required to attend. For the first time women bring money to the family house, making their lives more comfortable, allowing their children to be sent to school and money be brought back into the community.

The cooperatives have initiated an ecosystem reforestation project to help preserve the argan forest. The co-ops are dedicated to responsible harvesting practices which aid in the preservation of the Argan forests and women’s jobs.

Attention is drawn to optimal trees growth, creating argan tree nurseries and education programs.

Due to education programs community realized how precious are argan trees and they got involved with its protection. In 1998, UNESCO has designated argan forest region as a Biosphere Reserve.

Although argan oil is  exported all over the world, the best deal is to buy it directly from cooperative to make sure there is too much proccessing on the way. Buying Argan Oil directly from cooperatives helps improve womens’ status, support fair trade and to preserve endangered Argan tree.