Ghassoul Clay Exfoliating Scrub with Rose Oil

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Ghassoul Clay Body Scrub is detoxifying blend of ghassoul clay and essential rose oils to purify your skin. Its stimulating and purifying effects help draw impurities from the skin, leaving it toned and amazingly smooth.

Ghassoul Clay is a lava clay found only in eastern Morocco, deep beneath the Atlas Mountains. Ghassoul clay is widely used in the traditional hammam – beauty treatment practiced for hundreds years. Is mainly appreciare for its healing and detoxifying properties. whole body.

Entirely free of harsh preservatives. Not tested on animals.


Step out from under steaming water and spread Ghassoul Clay Exfoliating Scrub over entire body. Massage clay into body. Drying clay is drawing out deep impurities, giving refreshing sensation.

You can use Kessa glove for deeper exfoliation effect. Rinse remains under warm running water. For a detoxifying soak leave scrub on and stay in a warm bath . Skin is detoxified, toned and balanced, and extremely smoothe and supple.

For external use only.


Ghassoul Clay, Damascus rose oil.


Box, 200 g


Kelta M’Gouna. Made in Morocco.